Quick Overview of the NDIS System:
So what is the technology? It's the patented process called the Nutritional Deficiency Identification System (NDIS). It consists of a probe which is attached to a person and to a computer, programmed to measure a person's bio-metabolic energy changes as a response to ingested food energies

As you sit in a comfortable chair, you will place a nutrient on your tongue at timed intervals, which will stimulate the nervous system (hypothalamus feeding centers). Your body, able to be read via computer tracking, will respond specifically to each of the 60-70 substances, showing which it most needs. The quickest and most active of the nutrients tested are the most likely to be needed.

This process allows the body to choose its nutrients based on personalized heath factors and requirements. It is noninvasive. There is no blood, urine, or fecal testing, no hair analysis with subsequent generalized symptoms. Your body responds specifically to its nutritional needs as it reacts to one nutrient at a time. You see this in real time on a computer screen or printout.