I had endless problems with nausea, my heart was racing and my blood pressure was dropping, I was weak with an infection and unable to sleep and was diagnosed with anxiety.  After undergoing NDIS my condition has been improving week after week much to the amazement of my family and friends. I recommend NDIS to all who seek answers to their problems or for preventing major issues in this less than optimal lifestyle we live in.

Hajnal M.  Ann Arbor, Michigan

I felt tired and listless, generally ached from minor arthritis with sore muscles and was experiencing stomach aches and bloating after eating.  Two weeks after NDIS and taking the recommended supplements I am no longer experiencing those health conditions any longer.

Jean C.

 As a mother I tried everything to help my child who was experiencing increased hyperactivity, respiratory infections, allergies, sore muscles, trouble concentrating with mood swings and headaches, difficulty falling asleep with disturbed sleep.  He became angry, depressed, withdrawn with feelings of being overwhelmed with anxiety.  After being tested by NDIS and taking the supplements, he is a completely different child.

Judith B.,  Gretna, LA

 NDIS has been a significant asset in contributing to the maintenance of my overall good health, well-being, with annual testing and the resultant appropriate vitamins and mineral supplements.  I endorse Dr. Henry and his important work a potential, vital component of anyone’s health care regiment.

K.K., Mobile, AL

 Before taking the NDIS examination I felt drained of energy most of the time and suffered from low back pain due to inflammation that would not allow me to sit for more than a few minutes.  After the exam I began taking the recommended supplements and within 1 week my back quit hurting and I had an abundance of energy.  Now I feel great, sleep better and best yet, no back pain.

James G.

 Having multiple sclerosis is bad enough, but when the medical doctors want to start experimenting on you with drugs, I felt it was time to seek alternative care.  After having the NDIS test and taking the herbs and food supplements for three months, not only do I feel better than I have in years, I have not a hint of a relapse.

M. B. Fairhope, Alabama

 Six years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and I have suffered for many years with the acute and chronic pain it causes.  I am so thankful my chiropractor recommended NDIS testing because now I have more energy, feel better and now my fibromyalgia flare-ups are further and further apart.  I am thankful for discovering the good nutrition program formulated by Dr. Henry's NDIS.

Rebecca B.

 In 1987 I became seriously ill from mononucleosis and Epstein-Bane virus and missed 9 months of work due to being weak and bed ridden.  After a year of little improvement I was diagnosed with severe allergies and as an owner and instructor of my own martial arts business I was only able to work 20 hours per week.  In 1992 I was introduced to Dr. Henry and NDIS testing . . . .  Now five years later at age 46 I work 40 to 50 hours per week, operate 3 separate Tae kwon do centers and I now feel stronger, more physically able and mentally and emotionally competent than ever.

Rick H.,  Mobile, AL

 My 15 year old son started complaining about lots of headaches and after several tests which could not determine the root cause, he was given antidepressants for his migraine type.  He was in and out of school, but after NDIS and taking the recommended supplements his headaches have stopped entirely.

Hajnal M.  Ann Arbor, Michigan

 For more than 15 years I've suffered with osteoporosis and after taking the drug, Fosamax, I developed acid reflux.  After undergoing NDIS with Dr. Henry my acid reflux and other health issues are under control or gone and at age 70 I'm in good shape.  I highly recommend NDIS.

Margaret Y. Mobile, AL

 Over a period of 2 years my hair kept falling out and I was diagnosed as needing more protein and less stress.  After 2 years of treatment my hair was still falling out, not growing back and was so thin, you can see my scalp through it.  After NDIS testing and the right supplements, I'm happy to say my hair is now growing back beautifully.

Shannon E.  Mobile, AL

DISCLAIMER: Nutritional testing is not intended to diagnose, prescribe, prevent, treat or cure any
disease or mental or physical health conditions nor is it intended as a substitute for regular medical care.