Dr. Henry's Lifelong Goal encompassing over 35+ years of professional practice has been dedicated to helping people find organically based, non-invasive, non-prescription nutritional solutions for living long healthy lives free of pain and disease.

20 Years of Research & Successful Clinical Trials led to the founding of Wellsprings and the Nutritional Deficiency Identification system. Dr. Henry's patented system quickly evaluates what your body specifically needs to support your ideal nutritional health and wellness needs to provide optimum personal performance and longevity.

Never Guess Again about your body's unique nutritional needs with NDIS. It's simple to perform and provides a personalized supplement program with pinpoint accuracy that works for you... every time!

Dr. Henry's Research has discovered the accepted, nutritional advice advocating a one-size fits all simply doesn't work... because every person's nutritional needs while similar are unique. Generalize nutritional approaches are simply ineffective and counter-productive to optimal health and wellness.

Dr. Henry's work has been published in numerous trade and scientific journals throughout his career.